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Over the past 15 years, I've been fortunate to work with students from ages 8 - 80. sometimes I get excited

Each student calls for his/her own unique strategy and I truly enjoy exploring the world of the guitar and music with each and everyone. I've also learned a lot from my students in watching their development and learning how to be the best resource possible to them.

Please contact me at I'd love to hear about your interests and goals.

easy tells

easy tells

Easy Tells Joe's Pub

Formed in New York City, 2010.

Comprised of singer-songwriter Matthew Crosby, guitarist Ryan Mackstaller, bassist Matt Brandau, and drummer/stylist Keith Robinson.


Various tracks from recordings I've been a part of. Please consider supporting these artists and their efforts.

The following recordings represent live / demo / unfinished recordings from over the years. Please enjoy.

RM (guitar), Phil Sterk (pedal steel), Julianne Carney (violin), Geoff Kraly (bass), Tim Kuhl (drums)

RM (guitar), Daniel Bennett (saxophones), Tim Brown (drums)



Lizzie stage reading

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Guitarist / producer Ryan Mackstaller lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a member of Easy Tells, Tam Lin and The Lost Hours. He has also performed and recorded with The Majorleans, Julie Kathryn, Christian Gibbs (Lucinda Black Bear), Kenneth Aaron Harris (The Films) and Anita Maj (UK). His guitar work also can be heard on the recently released cast recording of the rock musical, "Lizzie." Ryan also moonlights as an improviser and noise-maker in New York performing with artists including Gerald Cleaver, Mat Maneri, Tony Malaby, Michael Formanek, Andrew Bishop, Jon Irabagon, James Ilgenfritz, Vinnie Sperrazza, Rick Parker and Tim Kuhl. Rick, Tim and Ryan comprise the project Little Worlds, which explores the Mikrokosmos pieces penned by 20th century Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.

Ryan works out his production studio, Red Panda Sound, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

little worlds

little worlds

little worlds

Dedicated to innovative reinterpretations of the Mikrokosmos collection. These brief melodies are inflected with new meaning by guitarist, Ryan Mackstaller, trombonist Rick Parker and drummer Tim Kuhl. The trio draws from their dynamic musical experiences in the rock, jazz, avant garde & improvised music scenes of Brooklyn, NY in their dynamic performance of these classical etudes.




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