Full-service boutique production studio


The first incarnation of Red Panda Recording dates back to 2008 in the Brooklyn Fire Proof building in Bushwick, Brooklyn. While initially conceived as a band recording setup for the Majorleans, then-guitarist, Ryan Mackstaller, quickly branched out into recording and mixing for a diverse range of bands and artists. After a few relocations, RPR settled into it's current location in South Williamsburg in 2011, focusing on songwriting/arranging, production, mixing, and mastering. 


Red Panda Recording truly is client-focused; while cliché to say, the driving philosophy is that there is no one-size-fits-all formula to producing a song or making a record. Open-minded and adaptable, the goal is to find the best way for the artist/band to create the fully-realized vision of their work.

Recent clients include:

  • Matthew Crosby (The Common Linnets)
  • Martin Philadelphy (Giant Dwarf)
  • Geoff Bankowski (Quietus)
  • Christian Gibbs (Lucinda Black Bear, Passing Strange)
  • Kenneth Aaron Harris (Panic! At The Disco, The Films)
  • Nicky Francis (The Majorleans)
  • Julie Kathryn (I Am Snow Angel)
  • James Ilgenfritz
  • Lana Mir
  • Ygritte


Red Panda Recording features a hybrid analog-digital system for the best of both worlds: Analog vibe and tone with instant recallability.


Mac Pro Quad Core 32gb RAM

Pro Tools 12 / Logic X / Reason 6.5

UAD Apollo Duo

UAD-2 PCIe card

Avid Artist Mix


Dangerous Music D-Box

Adam A7X monitors

Beyerdynamic DT990 headphones

Sennheiser HD280 headphones


BAE 1073MPF dual-channel

Empirical Labs Distressor x2

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Kush Audio Clariphonic MS


AKG C451B condenser

Miktek CV4 

Royer R121

Sennheiser e609

Shure SM7

Shure SM 57



Danelectro 12-string electric - 1990's 

Fender 60th Anniversary Stratocaster - 2014

Fender CIJ Jazzmaster - 2000's 

Fender '53 Vintage Hot Rod Telecaster - 2012 

Fender Musicmaster bass - 1976 

Gibson BR-9 lap steel - 1950's 

Gibson ES-335 Dot - 1998

Gibson Les Paul (Kalamazoo Made) - 1980 

Ibanez Talman (Lollar-tron pickups) - 1990's

Martin 00015M acoustic 

Silvertone Artist lap steel - 1950's 

Sho-bud 6319 pedal steel (Pro I setup) - 1975

Recording King Madison banjo (open back)


3rd Power British Dream

Fender Pro Junior (USA)

Fender Princeton Reverb silverface (late 70's)

Mesa Boogie Rocket 44

Rivera SilentSister Iso Cab


Always changing, but favorites include:

Fulltone, Xotic, Zvex, Strymon, Line 6, Analogman, Klon, Suhr